Legend has It that the early humans used to eat raw meat, sat around the fire after the hunt enjoying their catch at the end of the day.

On one of these nights around a fire, a piece of meat accidentally fell into the fire. It was then removed and hesitantly eaten. The hunters discovered that the meat tasted better and was easier to chew and from that point onwards, meat was thrown into the fire and eaten after the hunt.

This is allegedly the origin of Braai meat, we don’t know if this is true. However, all we know is that at Mnandi Braai we put meat onto the fire the best way possible, and we only put A-Grade meat and we are sure there nothing tastes like our recipe of basting sauces."

Mnandi Braai is a quick service chain of restaurants and take-away, specialising in flame-grilled red meat and chicken products. Mnandi Braai subscribes to high standards of quality and customer satisfaction. As it is in our name, the taste is central to what we do, and we provide our customers with products prepared using our secret sauce and recipe developed especially for us for the distinctive Mnandi taste Store Formats

Deluxe: This is our large format store averaging 150 - 200sqm store housing both butchery (Butcher Box) and a restaurant outlet. This store has a larger seating capacity.

Standard: These are smaller than the deluxe averaging 80 – 120sqm housing only the Mnandi Braai Outlet with a limited seating capacity.

Express: Our express format are the smallest store format with no seating capacity. They average 45-70sqm housing pre-packaged light snack, sandwiches and pre-cooked beef patties and meat products


Multi Brands PTY (LTD)

Multi Brands is a food service business. We own and operate three brands in various food categories catering for fresh, commercial and prepared take-aways market segments. Our brands are Mnandi Braai, Mediware and Butcher Box. Our business is divided into 3 categories namely; Retail, Commercial services and Food Production. Multi Brands prides itself with full control of its extensive value chain. We source, process, package, prepare and deliver our products with very minimal or NO intervention of third parties.

Our plant is capable of producing specific products to our chain of stores within Gauteng and North-West catchment areas. The plant consists of a Bakery, Butchery, Chicken and Vegetable processing facilities. The plant is equipped with high-tech facilities, geared to deliver high value products for both our retail and commercial costumers. All these are complimented by our main pre-mix kitchen and packaging facilities.

Multi Brands operates a fleet of delivery trucks charged with the critical role of providing an effective route to market solution for all our brands. Our main plant is strategically located in Randfontein along the N14 National road. This location is ideal in terms of route to North-West and Gauteng network of stores and other commercial clients. Our main plants boosts a 24 hours Fleet Support Unit charged with the sole responsibility of ensuring that our vehicles are road worthy and our road crew receives effective support at all times.

Our logistics support is staffed by highly experienced and skilled mechanics who are on 24 hour call, ensuring that our road crew are not found wanting for anything, from replacing a flat tyre, to minor mechanical breakdown, to vehicle exchange in case of major breakdown. All these are meant to ensure that our customers are never kept waiting for products or disappointment. For safety of our crew and products, all our vehicles are fitted with live 24 hours tracking facilities monitored by our contracted security company and our Fleet Support Unit.


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